NAB will not prosecute revenue and sales tax cases against businessmen


KARACHI: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) would stop pursuing income tax or sales tax-related cases against businessmen and refer them to tax authorities for investigation, the president said on Friday. anti-corruption watchdog.

“NAB would not deal with the business community’s income tax and sales tax cases and has ordered all previous business community cases to be referred to the FBR (Federal Revenue Council) as required by law.” said retired judge Javed Iqbal, president of the NAB. quoted in a statement issued by the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

“He (the chairman of the NAB) ordered the withdrawal of all notices served by NAB Multan to the owners of the Multan division’s flour mills, Bahawalpur and DG Khan,” the statement said. “(The president of the NAB) would examine the opinions of the flour mills himself.”

The statement said that a delegation from the FPCCI met the president of the NAB in Islamabad. “The business community plays an important role in economic development. The prosperity of traders will lead to the prosperity of the country and the NAB is playing its role while keeping this in mind,” added the chairman of the NAB.

He reiterated that the Bureau would do everything possible to improve the image of the country which had been severely damaged by money launderers, and expressed the determination that such elements would not be spared rather punished at all costs. “However, businessmen would not be bothered.”

The NAB chairman told the traders delegation that a special office has been set up at the NAB headquarters to protect the interests of the business community. Referring to discussions with the chairman of the NAB, Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig, senior vice chairman of the FPCCI, said that the NAB would not get involved in the tax affairs of businessmen.

“However, if a businessman is involved in money laundering and colludes with politicians and bureaucrats for wrongdoing, that would be a separate matter and would fall under the purview of the NAB,” Baig said.

Daroo Khan, President of the FPCCI, said that “NAB is a pro-people and business-friendly institution and places top priority on solving the problems faced by the business community.” “Pakistan’s business community appreciates the role of NAB and the steps taken for transparency and anti-corruption in the country,” Khan said.

“The business community is the backbone of the country, contributing to economic development, and the same should be facilitated. It is worth mentioning that the Federal Cabinet, at its last meeting earlier this week, also decided to make procedural changes to the functioning of the NAB in order to create an intrepid environment for business activities and investments for the stimulus. of a crippling economy. The government considered that commercial activities had stopped and the economy had paralyzed due to fear of the NAB.

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