Labor Day: the CGT supported an unexpected income tax


As Labor Day approaches, which will once again show the ruling party divided, the The CGT has issued a harsh press release in which he supported the project of unexpected income taxpromoted by the government, but warned against inflation and speaks of “temporary” measures:

“The socio-economic context of our country is worrying; Inflation erodes wages and incomes, and hits the most vulnerable hardest. the parity, emergency income for the informal sectors and extraordinary increases retirees and beneficiaries of social plans put in place by the government, provide temporary relief“warned the workers’ union.

In the next paragraph, the statement target the company and defends the government’s plan – which has not yet presented the project – to create a unexpected income taxfor sectors where international prices have increased as a result of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“It’s time for the price makers, the big financial speculators who multiply their profits by the crisis and those who received an extraordinary income produced by the alteration of the markets by the war, assume their responsibility and contribute to alleviating a social inequality that is now intolerable”, declared the CGT in the text that it published on its official page.

In this sense, the workers’ union asked “humanist sense», to prevail « the collective advantagein pursuit of a “more just distribution of wealth”.

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