Income statement: do I have to pay more if there are two payers?


The Revenue 2022 campaign begins in just over a month and a half, and one of the main concerns for taxpayers is whether having two payers throughout the year can cause out to pay us more.

In reality, this preconceived idea is not entirely true, because the portal collects Work News in an information as long as the IRPF withholdings are applied correctly.

The law stipulates that workers with more than 14,000 euros of annual income having more than one payer are obliged to submit the income tax declaration, as long as received more than 1,500 euros from the second (or the sum of the rest of the payers, in addition to the first).

how to pick up Work News, it does not necessarily mean having to pay more taxes. the key is in Adapt personal income tax (IRPF) to the worker’s situation.

What happens is that normally the payers set the personal income tax deductions in the payroll regardless of the rest of the payers, so in the end the worker gets deducted less than those corresponding to them, and that’s why you have to pay at the end.

What the worker can do is voluntarily ask one of the paying companies increase income tax withholding so that the tax is not higher than the tax rate that has been applied to the worker.

In addition, it must be taken into account that all recipients of the Minimum Vital Income (IMV) have the obligation to file the Income Tax declaration, and that the Tax Agency also considers social assistance, benefit for unemployment, certain pensions or ERTE.


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