3.59 crore of income tax returns filed on the new e-filing portal of the Department of Income Tax


Senior officials from the Ministry of Finance led by the Secretary of Revenue had a meeting with the Infosys team led by Salil Parekh, Managing Director and CEO of Infosys on December 16, 2021, on the preparation of the e-filing website during the peak deposit period. As reported by Infosys, measures taken in this regard include increasing the technical infrastructure and setting up a dedicated war room to monitor portal performance.

For its part, Infosys assured that it was ready to ensure a smooth production season in order to inspire confidence in taxpayers.

As of December 15, 2021, 3.59 crore of income tax returns (ITRs) had been filed on the ministry’s new e-filing portal.

The number of RTIs deposited per day has exceeded 6 lakh and is increasing daily as the extended due date of December 31, 2021 approaches.

Of the 3.59 crore ITR deposited for AY 2021-22, 57.6% is ITR1 (2.07 crore), 8.3% is ITR2 (29.70 lakh), 9.4% is ITR3 (33.61 lakh), 23.4% are ITR4 (84.05 lakh), ITR5 (3.12 lakh), ITR6 (1.33 lakh) and ITR7 (0.24 lakh). Almost 52% of these RTIs were deposited using the online RTI form on the portal and the balance was uploaded using the RTI created from the offline software utilities.

Encouragingly, returns 3.11 crore were verified electronically, including over 2.69 crore via Aadhaar-based OTP. The electronic verification process through Aadhaar OTP and other methods is important for the department to start processing the RTI and issue refunds, if applicable.

Of the e-verified ITRs, over 2.38 ITR crore have been processed and over 90.95 crore refund for YY 2021-22 have been issued. Taxpayers are urged to ensure that the bank account selected for repayment credit must have their PAN linked to the bank to avoid repayment failures.

Overall, 9.83 lakh DSC were recorded. In the simplified DSC registration process, any individual needs to register their DSC only once and can use it in any entity where the individual is a partner, director, etc. without having to re-register for each entity or role.

Over 37.92 lakh statutory forms have been submitted including 15.30 lakh TDS statements, 1.61 lakh form 10A for registration of trusts / institutions, 3.90 lakh form 10E for salary arrears, 51,302 form 35 regarding the filing of the appeal and 35,741 form DTVSV 4 until December 15, 2021. Over 8.88 lakh form 15CA, 2.18 lakh form 15CB, 26,753 form 3CA, 2.67 lakh form 3CB have been deposited. More than 32.13 lakh e-PAN have been awarded online for free. The Legal Heir feature has been enabled for registrations and compliance.

The Income Tax Department strongly urges all taxpayers to review their Form 26AS and Annual Information Return (AIS) through the e-filing portal to verify the accuracy of TDS and tax payments and to benefit from the pre-filling of RTIs. It is important that taxpayers cross-check the AIS statement data with their passbook, interest certificate, Form 16, and brokerage house capital gains statement when buying and selling shares / funds mutual funds, etc.

The ministry sent out reminders to taxpayers through emails, texts and media campaigns encouraging taxpayers not to wait until the last minute and to file their tax returns without further delay. The Systems Directorate organizes webinars for the front line managers of the department (ASK and TPS Centers) to help taxpayers file their ITRs electronically. The Systems Department and the staff of Infosys also engage via the ICAI platform to raise awareness of the resolution of problems encountered in the electronic filing process. Educational videos have been posted on ITD’s YouTube account to guide taxpayers.

All taxpayers who have not yet filed their income tax returns for YY 2021-22 are urged to file their returns as soon as possible.

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