Increase in the number of tax returns; 7.14 million statements filed in last fiscal year: The Tribune India



Panjim, June 11

The number of tax filings increased in FY22 from the previous fiscal year, Central Board of Direct Taxation Chairman Sangeeta Singh said on Saturday.

Speaking to PTI, Singh said the number of tax filings in the last fiscal year was 7.14 crores compared to 6.9 crores in the previous fiscal year, showing a clear growth.

“There is an increase in the taxpayer base and the filing of revised returns,” she added.

The council sees an increase in tax collection, which usually happens if the country shows an upward trend in economic growth, the president said, adding that “if economic activities increase, purchases and sales will also increase.

Unless the economy is on an upward trend, taxes cannot be on an upward trend, she noted.

“Secondly, the department is also seeing growth in tax payment due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative and call on Digital India,” she said, adding that during the COVID- 19, people started paying more digitally, which “probably leads to a shift in people’s minds.”

The initiative to provide information to taxpayers also helps raise awareness about paying their taxes on time. “We have also undertaken large-scale digitization over the years,” she said.

For FY22, the tax collection is over Rs 14 lakh crore, which is quite good compared to the collection for FY20, according to the President.

She said awareness programs are organized by the CBDT through the main chief commissioners, making people aware of paying taxes.

Initiatives such as updated feedback are also getting good feedback.

“Once you’ve paid the statement, and if we get additional information, we ask if you’ve covered it, you can file the updated statement,” Singh said.

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