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Albania: Extension deadline for filing the annual personal income tax return

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By a normative act, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania approved the decision to extend by two months the deadline for submitting the annual declaration of personal income, ergo the payment of tax payable (if a tax payable pay stems from the annual declaration) on the same date.

According to this decision, the deadline for filing the annual balance sheet for the year 2020 is set at June 30.e, 2021, while the original deadline was April 30e, 2021.

In the Addendum to the Law “On Income Tax”, it was also decided to remit fines for cases where the submitted declaration is inaccurate or incorrect and contains false information, provided that the correct declaration is submitted by June 30th.e, 2021.

The presentation of this declaration is compulsory for all resident natural persons, who are employed in two or more entities at the same time, as well as for all resident natural persons, if they realize gross annual income from all sources (at the inside and outside the Republic of Albania), for a total amount exceeding 2,000,000 (two million) ALL.

Non-resident natural persons are required to submit the annual income tax return to the tax authorities only if they are employed in more than one entity in the Republic of Albania or if they have a gross annual income with a source in Republic of Albania, for the total amount more than 2,000,000 (two million) ALL.

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